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Who we are

Alex Realignment Coaching & Consultancy works with individuals, organisations and those working in education to help them to realign, build resilience and recover.  We offer a one to one coaching service using a co-active coaching model for both personal clients and organisations, whereby both coach and client are active collaborators to meet the coachee's needs. 


We believe every individual is capable of reaching their full potential, is creative and resourceful, and can evoke the transformation required to live a more balanced and fulfilled life.


Alongside the one to one coaching, we offer workshops and training for organisations; teams and leaders. 


The leadership workshops focus on training leaders and managers to become co-active leaders, engage in coaching conversations with individuals in their teams, build resilience and therefore allow realignment of teams to improve efficacy.

The team workshops, help individuals to develop tools to build resilience, recognise their own strengths, identify areas for improvements and self-development, improve well-being and mental health and look at how performance can be maximised.

In today's changing environment, these workshops will help organisations to find balance and realignment to achieve the highest performing teams through facing and finding solutions for issues facing them.

Alex Realignment Coaching and Consultancy also offers tailored workshops and consultancy for teachers.  With over 20 years experience in education and education management, Alex can offer various coaching and consultancy packages for teachers, lecturers, teaching assistants and Senior Leadership teams.

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