About Alex

I am a fully qualified, insured and accredited Coach and Personal Trainer.  I am a Level 3 qualified and accredited PT and trained in co-active coaching, focusing on realignment, building resilience and recovery for mental and physical wellbeing. 


As with many adults, my childhood experiences meant I developed emotional strength and resilience but also made me strive for perfection in my professional and personal life.  Facing a rock bottom after a life-changing traumatic experience, I found myself burnt out, unable to face work, diagnosed with anxiety and depression and developing too much reliance on alcohol to help me de-stress and express my emotions.  During my trauma recovery, I decided to embark on a health kick in an attempt to re-focus and improve my anxiety.  I also decided to take a break from alcohol, a decision which has now become a permanent fixture and has been the start of a complete life transformation. 


With no weekly wine to help me unwind, I discovered an emotional rawness and mountains of unhealed trauma that needed to be resolved, plus a determination and resilience that I had forgotten existed, and realised that I wanted a whole lot more from my life.  I needed to find balance, fulfilment, mental stability and improve my physical wellbeing.  I took the decision to walk away from a toxic work environment and faced a more difficult dilemma to leave my lifelong teaching career behind.  I retrained as a coach and alongside my lifelong best friend, launched Bee Sober to support people who wanted to live a lifestyle without alcohol to socialise and connect with others.  I also qualified as a personal trainer during my own journey to get fit. 


With a BSc (Hons) in Biological Sciences, a PGCE, over 20 years experience in teaching and education management, I am not only highly qualified but also have experience of successfully managing teams in organisations using the strengths of individuals to manage performance and improve team efficacy, therefore improving performance. 


I am also a volunteer speaker for Nacoa, to support children of parents who drink too much.