Corporate Realignment Coaching

One to one or group coaching for resilience, recovery and realignment.

Realignment coaching is for individuals and teams and uses a co-active coaching model.  

These sessions will enable re-integration of people back into the workplace, particularly following altered work patterns arising from the Covid-19 pandemic, prolonged periods of absence, where team ethos has broken down or where individuals with specific needs such as neurodiversity or mental health concerns, are having difficulty adjusting to workplace requirements.

They are also highly effective for improving performance, drawing on the individual's own ability to evoke meaningful transformation.  I will work with your organisation and the individual(s) in a designed alliance that will benefit both the organisation and the individual by accelerating change in a co-active role where both the individual and I are active collaborators working to improve performance, motivation and wellbeing of the individual(s).

Individual rate:  £100 per employee per hour or 10 sessions (distributed according to your organisation's needs) for £900.

Group rate:  I will work with up to 8 individuals for 90-minutes for £500.

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