Realignment Coaching & Consultancy Services

Services for organisations

Help your team to improve performance,  reach goals, realign, build resilience and recover.

Using a co-active coaching/leadership model, I will help your team to realign and recover, improve motivation and maximise team performance.

Complimentary Consultation

Find out what Realignment Coaching and Consultancy can do for your team

A complimentary 30-minute consultation and discovery call to see how I can help you and your team to find realignment.

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Realignment Workshops

Interactive workshop

90-minute realignment workshop (also available on webinar) to reconnect teams and improve workplace culture.  Focusing on building resilience, recognising individual strengths to reconnect and realign teams.  Price varies depending upon specific business requirements, number of participants and follow-up consultancy required.


Fitness Workshops

Fitness workshops

Group Exercise and fitness workshops to kick start the day, provide a lunchtime boost or end the day with a bang!

Book a 60-minute fitness workshop to inspire your team to get more physical and look after their body.  

Mental health and physical health are closely linked.  When we feel better about our body we feel better in our mind.  Exercise can help to alleviate stress, reduce anxiety and induce a good night's sleep to get the best out of your employees.

Pilates Work Out

Corporate Realignment Coaching

One to one or group coaching for resilience, recovery and realignment.

Realignment coaching for individuals and groups of employees using the co-active coaching model.  These sessions will enable re-integration of people back into the workplace, particularly following altered work patterns arising from the Covid-19 pandemic, prolonged periods of absence, where team ethos has broken down or where individuals with specific needs such as neurodiversity or mental health concerns, are having difficulty adjusting to workplace requirements.

Business Meeting