Realignment Coaching for Individuals

One to one coaching for resilience, recovery and realignment

Realignment coaching is for individuals wanting to make any changes in their life.  Realignment coaching is perfect for anyone wanting more or less from their life, for example improved quality of life, better balance, more fulfilment, more quality time with family, less stress or something even something more short term like wanting to train for a marathon. 

The approach I use is where both you and I are active and equal collaborators, bringing about changes you need or want in your life.  I wholeheartedly believe you have the power within you to bring about lasting transformation and balance in your own life.  Sometimes, we all need a little help and support to find realignment and recover to our true, authentic selves.

Business Meeting

Book a call £75

60-Minute Realignment Coaching Calls

Book a free consultation coaching call with Alex, today to start your journey of building resilience, recovery and realigning with your authentic self.  Find out whether coaching is for you.

Price List

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One Call £75


A 60-minute Zoom Coaching Call.  If you are looking to set goals and act fast, booking one session will be ideal.  Often you know exactly what you want to achieve but don't quite know how to get there.  We can explore your options and set goals in this one-off session.

Three Calls £190


Three 60-minute Zoom Coaching Calls.  Three sessions is the ideal package for someone wanting to explore a specific concern in their life, whether it be about fulfilment, achieving a more balanced life or setting up new habits and processes and wanting some accountability.

Six Calls £380


Six 60-minute Zoom Coaching Calls.  This is the ideal package for someone wanting to explore what is making them lack fulfilment or holding them back from achieving a more balanced life.  Whether it be about your business, work life, home life, habits or relationships, this package is for you. 

Your ‘values’ coaching has hit the nail on the head for me. The disconnect between my actions as a drinker and my values was what totally ruined me emotionally. Now I’m living according to my values I can be happy with myself. I’m excited for what this means for my future. Thanks so much for your continued support Alex.

Anon - Coaching Client