Realignment Workshop for Leaders

For leaders and managers wanting to realign their teams

This two-hour realignment training workshop (also available on webinar) is designed to develop the co-active leadership skills of your leaders and managers.  

This is a practical and interactive workshop focused on training leaders and managers how to work with individuals in organisations with a view to reconnecting and realigning their teams and improving workplace culture.  

This workshop shows leaders how they can work with individuals to encourage independent thinking through a co-active leadership model.  The workshop will also allow leaders improve their own performance, develop active listening skills, develop skills to build resilience within individuals in their teams and therefore reconnect and realign their teams.

Workshop rates:  Starting at £650

This session is vital for anyone wanting to re-integrate people back into the workplace, particularly following altered work patterns arising from situations such as the Covid-19 pandemic, long term absence from the workplace and/or where there may be specific needs such as neurodiversity or mental health concerns. 

Price varies depending upon specific business requirements, number of participants and follow-up consultancy required.