Realign your teachers and teaching assistants with workshops for teachers

Two-hour workshops (also available on webinar) working interactively with members of schools/colleges, as a team.

Various workshops available:

  • Behaviour management workshops

  • Conducting outstanding 1:1s with students

  • Resilience building

WIth a focus on helping teaching professionals to improve learning in their classrooms through behaviour management, working interpersonally with students and conducting outstanding 1:1s to help students meet their target grades and helping staff and students to build tools for resilience.

I will help teaching teams to work together with their students, in a healthy learning environment, boost team morale, help teaching professionals to develop tools for building resilience in the classroom and the staff room, improve well-being and help you to maximise the performance of your teams.  

Bespoke wellbeing workshops are also available on request.

Workshop rates:  starting at £500